Writing in the Dark


I am a mess.   My mind stops working and my words start falling Out of my mouth like the clumsy ramblings Of a middle school girl who doesn't know How to talk to boys yet.   I feel the corners of my mouth move involuntarily When I look at you and see you smile.… Continue reading Messy

Writing in the Dark


This isn't what I asked for. I asked for freedom and confidence to open my hands and catch promises, But I feel crushed by a suffocating loneliness that bids me to go to bed. My eyes close and I let the darkness fall in on all sides, because I realize I am afraid of myself. I… Continue reading Suffocating

Writing in the Dark

Left Behind

Depression: an absence of hope, filled with apathy, sitting in an empty house devoid of any colors or windows or doors. Sometimes I can hear a low rumbling drone, like a constant flow moving away from me, but I can't place it. I can't decipher or understand what this sound is, or where it is… Continue reading Left Behind

Writing in Love

Rainy Days

It’s raining and my mind Is a blur of blue and green And brown and black Sitting next to you, I watch the windows reflect The rain painting the panes, And take your hands to dance. I want to dance in the puddles Until the earth stains our clothes And covers our bodies. I smell… Continue reading Rainy Days

Writing in Love


Time seems to hide in my moments of clarity, Like days will melt into years With quiet mornings and him Holding my hand And drinking coffee. But it is morning, And I am alone. His body is molded into a plastic chair Learning coded messages From pieces of technology As he sends words to me… Continue reading Clarity.

Writing Conversations

My Campus Letter

A poem I wrote during my Senior year of college. I am going home. I am leaving, but I hate saying good-bye. Good-byes are hard, and they aren't honest. You can't look someone in the eye and tell them it's good that you're leaving--  So here I am Standing-- Looking around at empty spaces, Thinking about the students… Continue reading My Campus Letter