Writing Conversations


When I am around you, I feel lost. Maybe it’s because of the thoughts I have That drown out what is real, And what is not-- Maybe it's my mouth replacing the air with water, Heavy in my lungs--   I'm afraid of what will come up Once I try to connect the words in… Continue reading Misscommunication

Writing in the Dark


I am a mess.   My mind stops working and my words start falling Out of my mouth like the clumsy ramblings Of a middle school girl who doesn't know How to talk to boys yet.   I feel the corners of my mouth move involuntarily When I look at you and see you smile.… Continue reading Messy

Writing in Love

Rainy Days

It’s raining and my mind Is a blur of blue and green And brown and black Sitting next to you, I watch the windows reflect The rain painting the panes, And take your hands to dance. I want to dance in the puddles Until the earth stains our clothes And covers our bodies. I smell… Continue reading Rainy Days