Writing in the Dark

Just Existing

Everyday I ask myself, "What am I doing with my life?" And sometimes... I feel fear when the words escape my mouth-- Like they are running into the unknown, Quickly being ripped away from me Without giving an answer to the emptiness I am left with. I meet a crisis everyday. I ask myself when… Continue reading Just Existing

Writing in the Dark

The Lack of

I have a block in my mind that weighs the rest of my body down Until I am buried beneath the ground Blinded by my apathy and self-doubt. The block causes build up in my brain with random strains of words That mean nothing-- It only cause my nerves to stay in the past tense of… Continue reading The Lack of

Writing Conversations


A Word to the Wise Your words are venom– The kind of venom that gets beneath the skin and spreads like a bug bite. A bee sting. The kind of feeling you get from someone repeatedly pricking every inch of your skin with a fine needle– You’re bearable, but miserable. Your skin is corroding beneath… Continue reading Venom