Letting Go

This marks the first day I left work-stress and lack of balance at the door.

Today was different.

The sky opened up and let out the deepest downpour–

Like the earth was saying, “It’s time to let it go…”

But I didn’t know how, so I closed my eyes

And listened as the peaceful sound of rain

Washed the stains of my memories away.

What does it mean to let go?

Nature makes it look so easy,

But my mind likes to complicate things.

I’ve let this ball of insecurity stay in the pit of my stomach

As words like “job security” and “responsibilitiy”

Weigh me down in this back pack filled with bricks and blank books.

I want to take it off, dig a hole, and tuck it away from the rest of the world,

Because no one deserves to feel the burden of that weight

Or see the damage it has caused.


Talking sounds more like listening

To bursts of thunder crackling in the distance

Filling the room with static

Until the build up in our space becomes charged with rage–

Until everything has changed–

Until our bodies become nothing but pieces of wreckage:

A chaotic explosion for the barren wasteland

Where our minds are left behind to deal with the aftermath

made by our hands.


I don’t care about the mosquitoes.

It only keeps me on my toes,

And reminds my skin to be tough

So I can live through the changes.

I don’t care about the lack of electricity.

It only keeps me close to you

And it reminds my eyes to search harder

Through the dark so I can move.

I don’t care about the heat.

It only helps me bare myself more

And it reminds my hands to stay open

So I can be true to who I am.

I don’t care about the differences.

It only shows me more ways to love you

So I can find room to understand.

I don’t care about the dark,

As long as you hold my hand.