Just Existing

Everyday I ask myself,

“What am I doing with my life?”

And sometimes… I feel fear when the words escape my mouth–

Like they are running into the unknown,

Quickly being ripped away from me

Without giving an answer to the emptiness I am left with.

I meet a crisis everyday.

I ask myself when this anxious feeling will end

So I can begin again,

But I haven’t found the solace yet.

I haven’t discovered relief from the questions.

Today I ask myself,

“Am I a part of the living, or am I closer to death?”

2 thoughts on “Just Existing”

  1. These poems really speak up and create their own voice. I really liked this one as well as “Angel”, “The Lack Of”, and “Heavy Listening.” 🙂


  2. Can see you hurting beneath your new red dress
    Beneath your sharp new shoes and your new tattoos you are directionless
    And I know you’ve been working as hard as you can
    To pre-empt the question, the expectation and I understand

    From the moment the phone alarm cuts the morning in two
    To the moment you close your bedroom door and all that’s left is you
    There are a thousand auditions you didn’t quite get through
    So many masks to wear, so much weight to bear but you were only ever you
    You were glorious you, you were glorious

    Be glorious you, glorious you, glorious you
    With your mixed-up metaphors, your messed-up makeup
    Glorious you
    With your tongue-tied tragedy, your too-small t-shirt
    Glorious you

    So don’t you worry all things must end
    There are sunlit uplands around the river bend

    Come on now if we all pull together
    We can lift up the weight of the world from your shoulders
    Lift up the weight of the world from your shoulders
    Just for a moment or two and be glorious you
    Glorious you, glorious you

    You were glorious you
    You were glorious you
    You were glorious you

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