My Found Poem.

I am scared of a lot of things.

I used to build my clubhouse out of books

Whenever I needed an escape,

But my eyes still held the darkness

Like an open tomb—

Like a wall without a light switch,

So I close my eyes and try to whisper,

“I am not alone in this darkness,”

But all I can manage is,


It’s like my world seemed to tip on its axis—

Like any second

I could fall beneath the surface.

I let the night hit against my vocal chords

And cried,

“Give it back!”

Give me something real.

When last night became tomorrow morning—

And don’t say good-bye.

Don’t give me another blank stare.

I want to shatter this image,

But instead

A broken mirror takes its place

And leaves glass in my hands.

A constant imprint

That I am not yet who I want to become.

A constant reminder that I have to hold my scars

And move forward.

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