I watched the sun rise over blue ridges
And traced my fingers where the summits hit,
But I wasn’t there.
I was sitting in the front seat of my car watching the shadows fall,
Turning the volume up as a song
Spoke of North Carolina, and distant lovers.
My hands tapped against the steering wheel,
And I let my eyes close,
Because I wanted to feel the sun and think about the times
I felt like I wasn’t going to make it.
When I lost hope in my eyes and strength in my arms,
I let my friends and family hold me up—
So there I waited,
Mountains touching the skies,
Hours away from commencement,
And realized I carved my way through depravity.
I sang praises and thought of the people’s faces
Who stood in my way before—
And thanked them for the lessons learned
In my hours of work.
I watched the light burn stronger,
And my eyes burned with it from the relief and peace knowing
I’ve made it to sunrise, and I am still growing.

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